A Rushed Preparation ~ Wednesday Oct 24

Getting the room ready! Okay I‘m dashing around the house for supplies which I will need for our newest guest. In all honesty there is very little you NEED to have to foster a mom and babies. Here’s my own list of essentials:

1.     A cardboard ‘nesting‘ box with a towel and blanket to create the ‘nursery’. The box needs an entrance cut into it, so mom and come and go, but tiny kittens can’t roll/fall out

2.     A few blankets and towels to rotate to the wash, to have areas for them to curl up on

3.     A scratching surface for mom cat and the kittens as they grow. I LOVE the wave style scratching post… because kittens use it as a favourite jungle gym. They play on and round it and it helps their coordination.

4.     A litter box low enough for kitties who are learning. Litter – I splurge here. Kittens are curious and will ingest some litter no matter how careful you are. We use World’s Best… and though they won’t pay us for this endorsement, I give it freely. It‘s 100% natural and kittens can eat it without any harm. Clumping litters could kill kittens.

5.     Kitten food – mom cat and kittens should eat the highest grade of kitten food you can afford. They need all the support they can get at this time. Bowls for the food and water… plastic is actually not great for cats. The dollar store is great for little ceramic bowls.

Really, that’s it. Kittens are so creative, they don’t need expensive toys.