The Buffet is Open

There are a number of costs involved in rescuing kittens. Next to the vet costs, food is the big one. Knowing that the costs of fostering can also add up, our kittens’ rescuer brought a care package of donations from the rescue she works with – quality kitten food (wet and dry- what I really needed!), some treats, and even a few soft toys. Yes: she’s a certified angel. We’ve been feeding these foods to the Rascals and Mattie.

My last two litters were fostered from rescues which provided food to the foster home. The first one had a sponsorship with Science Diet and they provided dry food. The second one had a deal with a food company (I think Science Diet) and food cost significantly less for them.  A big shout out to Science Diet – because they are helping and because they are smart enough to know that pet owners will be loyal to companies who do.

As the kittens grow and settle into eating solids, they consume lots. Do you blame them? They are growing and active. I just got back from the pet store up the street… I was out of wet food.

Mattie is still feeding them. When she offers them food, I dash out of the room as I find my presence is energizing rather than calming. Both mom and kittens are apt to get up and want attention if I am there. If I see Mattie lay down prone, I grab Rogue and Gypsy and put them to her and then run for the hills.

The other buffet consists of wet food, dry food, soggy kibble mush mixed with wet food  – with three refreshes each day. Certain combinations are more successful than others. Go figure. I was trying to keep tabs, but lost track yesterday when someone (no names mentioned, honey) mixed up dry foods which looked identical. We had 3 types of wet food, 3 types of dry… so lots of combinations.

Little Gypsy suddenly started getting her bounciness when we started finger-feeding her solid food 5 days ago. She picked up her energy as we suspected and then started eating full out. She will not only eat from the bowls now…but she happily eats with 1 or 2 siblings on the same bowl! Now that is progress! I wish I had a photo that really showed her round belly – it seemed to change almost overnight.

They love wet food, but I am not giving them what they want all the time. SO mean! For their own long-term health and their transition to a new home in the future, I need them to eat a number of different foods and be comfortable eating dry kibble by week 9. It’s a responsibility of the foster mom… and you know it will help them forever though you won’t be around to see it.


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