Meet Spice Rack 2

Could you think of a cuter sequel? The Spice Rack 2 – The Ottawa Connection.


image from

The little ones are too young to be certain of their gender … so I can’t tell you their names though I have a few fun possibilities.

For the girls, I’ll pick from Rosemary, Sage, Cassia, Baye and Cicely. I loved the name Anise (as in star anise) but I used it. I personally love Lavender (and I’m even trying to grow it this year) but it just seems a bit too old fashioned for a modern kitty.

For the boys, I’ve only got Juniper and Basil for sure. Ones I’m currently wavering on are Dill, Fresno (a type of chilli pepper), Licorice and Wasabi. *insert a giggle here* Why are boys always harder to name?

Call me crazy, but I put lots of time and effort into naming kittens. I just feel that it starts them off in a good direction. In some cultures, a child could not leave the house until it was named, as the name protected it from the evil of the world. Names (even ones which may be changed by the adoptive parents) have power and substance somehow. Do you think that the ‘first names’ matter?

Ready? Meet the yet un-named newborns of the Spice Rack 2:






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