Spice Rack II

I just received the word on who’s a boy and who’s a girl in the Spice Rack II: we’ve got a girl and boy tuxie, an orangie boy, and a tabby-striped girl. Of course, we suspected that little Sage was a girl, and she didn’t disappoint.

So without further delay, meet the little spices of the Spice Rack II ~

BAYE (A Girl!): http://spices.biodiversityexhibition.com/en/card/bay-leaf


BASIL (A Boy!): http://spices.biodiversityexhibition.com/en/card/basil

CASSIA (A Girl!): http://spices.biodiversityexhibition.com/en/card/cassia

JUNIPER (A Boy!): http://spices.biodiversityexhibition.com/en/card/juniper

SAGE (A Girl!): http://spices.biodiversityexhibition.com/en/card/sage


Mom Angelica is cleaning up really nicely. She’s lost the green paint, and her fur is showing what a little love can do. She’s getting good nutrition as well.


4 thoughts on “Spice Rack II

  1. It’s so nice to see another spice rack! I’m so glad everyone is healthy 🙂 thank you once more for sharing!

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