Not a Great Plan

Well, I’m nervous but we are going to try to get Oscar.

I’m nervous for two reasons. One is that he may spook again and no longer trust me. When I last tried he didn’t trust me for a full year. It’s only been 2 weeks since I moved his food bowls back to where I’d originally started feeding him that he seems to remember our old relationship.

The second reason is personal. I am not prepared to take on another cat. The quarantines and separation needed mean that my master bathroom is the only place that is viable for Oscar to go after surgery. He cannot meet any of my cats for the fact that he’s attacked them and for the fact that he might carry something. It’s less than a year since I almost lost Mouci to calicivirus which came to my home because I was fostering. I’m barely over that. Mouci has lost her hearing after this … she hears only a little now. And she has small seizures every day. While both of these could be her age, neither were present before she got sick. We lost all of the holidays last year with our own cats being so sick. Not sure I could weather that again.

So what do I do with Oscar? For a couple of weeks I can keep him in my bathroom, and we can move to the second bathroom. I can sit with him a little daily and get to know him better. Then what?

Thank goodness that the rescue who helped Nuala’s litter will help me with the vet bills by letting me use their vet at shelter prices. I am very grateful since I have a lot of bills right now – and vetting is expensive in Canada. I will get him neutered, FIV tested, get the standard shots, dewormed, micro chipped, get his back paw looked at and since I’ve noticed he has weepy eyes, I will ask if a shot of antibiotic (one shot for a week of treatment) would be viable.

This is as far as I’ve gotten in this rather dubious plan. Maybe I can use kijiji to help find him a home? The rescue thinks that he can be re-released if I build a shelter in my yard and continue to feed him. This is not acceptable to me for a whole list of reasons. I’m actually exhausted from worrying about him, and as long as he’s in my yard, then Nuala or Mouci is in danger every time they step out of the door … even on harnesses and leashes. No – I’m certain that re-releasing him in my yard won’t work for me.

I’m half crazy to do this… but I just can’t NOT try.I’m not even sure I can catch him.