Oops I Did It Again

I am a wuss. Yes. Absolutely a wuss. I just can’t seem to get Oscar. So close but yet so far!

Oscar comes to me for food every day. And for the past month, since I moved his food to the back of my house, he’s wanted to be friendly. This is a big change. In the front, he wouldn’t even come near the food when I was outside. I tried everything… talking gently, sitting still and just waiting, reaching for him. Surely after 2 years of feeding he knows my smell? Still nothing. He greeted my visits with suspicion.

When I moved his food to the back where I fed him first (before other cats came to fight with him and take the food), he was suddenly friendly. Really friendly. Like he remembered that we were friends 1.5 years ago. Over this past month, I’ve been able to chat with him, pet him, and he reaches his head up for pets every morning. He was coming by more and more, and was waiting for me to feed him every morning or pet him in the afternoon. He’s even been eyeing my back door.

Nuala is my official welcoming committee. Every day she watches for Oscar. No hisses. Just runs to the window and watches him sit there, or eat. They look at each other just 1.5 feet apart… one safe inside and one living at the whims of the world in the cold. Every day Nuala paws at the window non-stop trying to reach Oscar. Or to go outside. I haven’t decided which it is, but she does it only when Oscar is there, and she’s relentless – both front paws doing a high-speed running-man on my window.

I have been getting Oscar into our cat carrier to eat. We have a big carrier. A little step deeper every few days. And lured with copious amounts of tuna. He loves tuna – but shuns salmon, pork or beef. Then I started lacing the tuna with herbal calming remedy for him. Each day I would try to touch him as he ate.

The last few days have been tense… we’re at a precipice. He’s almost all the way into the carrier. On Tuesday, I almost had him in… and then I realized that I couldn’t close it without his tail getting caught. I just couldn’t shove him in… I pushed a little and out he came! Of course I’d scared him. I petted him lots when he came back, gave him more tuna as a peace offering, and let him eat in peace. I tried it again on Friday… trying to work out the final steps. I’m still not able to get him in – and not willing to spook him for good. He’s scared and hesitant and I get it. Heck, I’m scared and hesitant!

I’m so close… but I’m not quite there.


Oscar – Janurary 2012 when I started feeding him. He looks the same… and arrives in the same place for his breakfast.