A Known Cat

Okay, I will fess up and say that because I don’t walk a dog or have kids, I don’t hang out outside and chat with the neighbours and people walking along my street. I’m a private person by nature.

Today I was talking to a real estate agent who lives 2 streets away and knows the neighbourhood really well. So well, that he had the plans for my house which was built about 16 years ago. This was enlightening. More enlightening was the fact that he said that there are a number of houses that put out food for a stray in the neighbourhood. He thinks it might be Oscar since people have been saying they haven’t seen him for the past 2-3 weeks. (This was the time he’s been visiting me more.) Then again, the day after I brought Oscar in, there were cat tracks across my deck which might indicate another stray.

Perhaps Oscar is a known cat. I wonder how long he’s been here, and homeless? I’ve known he’s homeless for about 2 years and I’ve seen him around the neighbourhood for at least 1 year longer than that. Before that, I wasn’t living here. How many people noticed his plight and fed him? How many people fed him and then just moved away (like my neighbour)? How many people never took him in to give him a home or get him fixed? Did they look past his suffering and frostbite in the cold?

Let me be honest: I just don’t get this. I am not a saint or holier-than-thou, but wouldn’t you step up and do something?


This is Oscar’s food bowl for the past year. Its cruel irony used to strike me almost every day when I put out his food in the cold or rain. Now it is like his mantra.

2 thoughts on “A Known Cat

  1. Where’s the “Like” button for this post? I need to hit it about two dozen times. Regrettably, not everyone thinks like we do.

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