Dear Oscar

According to your vet, you are a healthy boy of about 4 years. You are a domestic short-hair buff tabby, and that doesn’t mean you’ve been working out. I love the term ‘buff’… for dilute orange coat! You are a good 12.4lbs and with a thick puffy coat. You are healthy all round and that toe of yours is just the way you were born – it’s slightly off centre and longer than its neighbour. You have a few fleas – don’t worry they will be gone in a few days. The doctor didn’t mention your tattered ears, but that is sadly typical of frostbite… and they’ve gotten worse over last winter. They won’t bother you, so don’t worry.

On big-shock Monday, you got neutered, got your rabies vaccine, got Revolution round one (for ear mites, fleas, worms … in case!), got micro-chipped and got your FIV/Felv test. And guess what? You are negative! Somehow you have beaten the odds, buddy!

I know your teeth are fine because last morning you bit me.

Yours truly, Natasha


What? Yes: I got my first-ever cat bite. Oscar was probably feeling a bit uncomfortable, but he wanted petting so I petted him gently on the head, then he ate, then he walked over and flopped on my toes to be petted again. I stroked his head about 2x and then CHOMP! I think I yelped. No typical cat ‘danger signs’ or warning. (Danger signs include ears back, shrinking way from petting, a strong tapping of the tail and of course hissing, growling.)

Now that I’ve mentioned this, I will add some info here… you have to keep up with your tetanus shots. When I got the bite (he did break the skin in 3 places and one is quite deep) I washed my hand immediately with cool (some suggest warm) water and soap. I then applied pressure to stop the bleeding, and dabbed on hydrogen peroxide. As soon as that dried, I put on pure iodine. Of this process, the main two are the good hand-washing and the iodine which might sting and look awful, but it’s poison that can contact-kill the bacteria transmitted by a cat bite. You should finish off with a topical antibiotic cream. Cats carry some nasty bacteria in their mouths and their fangs deliver it deep into your tissue – so unfortunately this often leads to infection because you can’t treat inside the wound. I’ve gone to the doctor for a preventative 7-day course of antibiotics. My hand is sore but fine.

A couple of info articles for you:

Thanks to Joanna for encouraging me to see the doctor… an ounce of prevention…

As for Oscar, I’ve already forgiven him. He was just stressed. He’s immediately back for more loving, but I’m a bit fang-shy.

2 thoughts on “Dear Oscar

  1. Delighted to hear you have a clean bill of health Oscar and what a blessing to be both FIV and FeLV free. You won the lottery darling boy and your life will now be everything it should always have been. Now bee a good boy and keep those teeth of yours inside your mouth and out of Natasha.

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