If you think this is referring to jazz, you will be hugely disappointed to learn that I’m about to chat about Oscar’s um… bathroom habits. Should I apologize?

I know Oscar has been outside for a long time, so bringing him inside raised some big questions about his toilet-training. Was he toilet trained? Would he have a problem using a litter box? What kind of litter should I offer? Is he a healthy bathroom user?

Oscar is not pooping and peeing regularly – and I’m frankly concerned because it might be that he’s never used a litter. I’ve offered two choices… one a gravely one, and the other a wood chip type which would more closely resemble the outdoors. He’s used the gravely litter only – and this was very little. He refused to drink for the first couple of days (I coaxed him with tuna soup) but I’ve now seen him drink water. He eats when I show him food. But where is it going? It doesn’t seem to be coming out the other end regularly!

I’ve had him for 5 full days and I’ve seen 3 big pees and 1.5 poops. Other than that, he seems fine… and the stuff coming out seems healthy. Yes: I look. You can always tell lots about the health of an animal about what comes out! I realize that part of this 5 days included a short fast prior to his operation, and then a full day or a little more of him feeling out of it and uncomfortable in the post-op period.

I was really hoping to see more …um… success before I left today! He will be in good hands, but not my own, for the next 5 days. My sitter will look after him… and I can only hope he starts to get more used to the routines of his indoor life!

Aren’t you glad I’m not including a photo that matches this topic?

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