11 Days of Captivity

After 5 days away from Oscar, I returned to find him in the same spot. Literally the same spot. He was happy to see me – I got the usual half-hearted single hiss and then he came over for a petting. He doesn’t leave you much choice; he’ll block you from walking by rubbing against your legs or if my arms are within reach he will try to rub me.

While I was gone, our sitter said Oscar didn’t engage at all. Oscar stayed away from his carer by sitting on the windowsill. Oscar didn’t want pets or anything else from his ‘new human’ though he ate well and the eagle landed (aka litterbox results). While I only saw a pee yesterday, I was told he peed and pooped regularly while I was gone… and that makes me very happy!

Being back, I have to say that I’m nervous to pet Oscar. I catch myself hesitating a lot more than I did before. It’s hard not to pet him since he reaches up to be patted… and I’ve been petting him for 1.5 months now. And we were friends when I first began feeding him so I petted him every day for about 5 months. He was all love. I know that it was likely pain, confusion, fear post-op that made him bite me, but I am definitely fang-shy.

Oscar likes to be shown his food. If food is put down, he often will ignore it until I shake the bowl or call him over to it. He is drinking his water, so that is a good thing. I have put a second water bowl out for him (in the shower) so he has choice. He used to love drinking from the big plastic plant dish I put outside last year. He has given up on sitting on my bathroom counter, and much prefers the tile floor these days. He has a cat-cushion and towels for ‘pads’ but still likes the floor.

I was sitting on the tub ledge and just talking to him, and he walked over, and on the second or third time, he jumped up to sit on the towel beside me and purr. He then stretched out with all 4 paws touching me and decided to nap. It’s hard to resist this sweetness of nature… and he is a bit of a love bug. Just imagine what a big sap he’d be if he was an indoor cat his whole life!


PS Durham Public Health is actually harassing me… calling all the time and wants to come to the house 2x! Over a cat bite that is already healed? What? Why? I’ve provided information you need … now just go away! It will be a cold day in hell before I have any respect or goodwill towards them after this very misguided badgering!