Our Time

I just visited Oscar and was greeted with his half-hiss. I think he may think the little single hiss is his ‘hello’.  A little ‘hey there’ and a little ‘please don’t hurt me’.

I did the usual – check the litter, sweep up a bit, give him more food, change his water, chat with him as he rubs so hard on my legs that he wants to knock me over. Then I sat down on the tub-edge for a little Oscar and me time.

This is now a treasured Oscar-routine. He waits until I sit down and then wants to curl up beside me and purr. He lies part-way on his side and exposes his belly, but I’m not sure he is as trusting about belly-touching yet. I will give it time – I’m not the rushed sort. It’s a funny thing… since we started sitting together on the tub-ledge this is now his place. He sits there on his towel a great deal and can sometimes be found there even when I’m not with him.

Oscar explores his room when I’m not there. He walks about 60% of the space when I’m with him. When I’m not there he explores the rest. His paws are very furry and they hold litter, so these little ‘breadcrumbs’ give him away every time. There’s litter along the edge of the bathtub, under the window ledge, on the cat pad by the sink etc.

Other than the first night, there has been only one night when there was yowling at night (about 4am actually). That could be hormonal or it could be restlessness. I have to say that he shows no other signs of restlessness. He seems perfectly happy to be inside, warm, fed and watered. Why not? This is like Trump Tower compared to the life he was leading.

Today I noticed that Oscar has 2 black whiskers. On a perfectly orange tabby cat. Nuala also has one black whisker (and one black eyebrow whisker). Do you think that all orangies get a black whisker?