Neutering and TMT

It’s been two weeks since Oscar visited the vet for his neuter operation. While many educated people realize that sterilization is the only way to stop the massive pet overpopulation, there are other great reasons for the neuter operation. This little operation is freeing to my furry friend. In short, neutering will make your cat a better pet!

What? I know it sounds like I’m making this up. I’m not – really! Here are my mostly-scientific reasons:

  1. A neutered cat doesn’t have biological urges to run out the door and get lost into the night, get hurt crossing the street to establish territory, or get into fights for male dominance with other cats. His chances of injury or death go down significantly.
  2. A neutered cat does not have the same desire to spray your house to mark his territory. Unfortunately about 10% of male cats retain the spraying behaviour especially if it is already learned and if he was over 1 year old when he was ‘fixed’. Even if the behaviour remains, he will be less stinky.
  3. A neutered boy is less aggressive with other cats and even sometimes his owners. Oscar was neutered 2 weeks ago – about the time it takes the hormones to come to their new equilibrium.
  4. Without dominance and passing on his genes as his primary focus, a neutered boy is much happier and friendlier in his home. His home relationships are now his #1 focus.
  5. YOU will be a happier pet owner and more ready to bond with a cat who is more approachable and has little desire howl at night or spray your home. His pee will be less ‘strong’ smelling and that makes your home a nicer place to live. There’s just less to ‘argue’ about.

I know I’m preachin’ to the choir on this, but it can’t be said enough! Some people still find excuses to not fix their pets, but there are great reasons to fix them. I think it actually raises their quality of life.

I have a house full of girls… so the ‘calling card’ stench of Oscar’s pee was a shock to everyone in the house. Even our garbage can smells so strongly… as if cat pee needs any reason to be stronger than it already is! I’m going to be glad to have better smelling litter and garbage as Oscar gets over his TMT (too much testosterone) – lol.

Having said this, Oscar has been people focussed and sweet from day one so there is no change in his aggression levels. I wonder how he would be with other cats? I wonder how he has been with other cats in the past? I have seen scratches and battle scars in his time outside – the unfixed outdoor life is a tough one! Now he is a healthy, happy, non-grrl-obsessed version of himself.

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