Growling Back

Had a little set-back with Oscar. It’s to be expected and it’s not a big thing, so I’m not worried.

Oscar had a stressful evening since the failed attempt (3 really) to put him into our shower enclosure while we cleaned his room. He also had his full dose of de-wormer. He was fine after all this. After a bit of rest time, I sat with him and petted him. He was okay and purry, but after I got him calm and he ate some food, he didn’t come running back to sit beside me. Not like him.

This morning he seemed a little out of sorts. He didn’t come to greet me when I walked into the room (our routine), he did go and eat but not too enthusiastically, and then he didn’t come and sit beside me. Angry about the shower incident? Stressed about the disinfectant smells in the room? Freaked out about the disappearance/ reappearance of everything in his room (washed the carpet tiles, all linens etc)? Feeling unwell after his de-wormer?

Well, just when I thought he was comfortable and calm, and we had quiet time, petting time, and sitting time, he then tried to bite me. He’s fast! This time he only grazed me. Again, no warning signs. Hmmmm.

I scolded him with ‘No!’ And then he growled. I growled back. Sorry Oscar; you must understand boundaries. I left the room and let him think about it. I didn’t give him a treat or any other reward for the bad behaviour. However, I just went back in and gave him a few treats (an hour later) and patted him. Very short visit. He needs to feel secure in his environment again, needs to trust me but realize that there are rules. At 2.5 weeks in, it’s early for this type of training, but I won’t let him become a biter. It’s easier to train than to re-train.


Round 1 – Revolution
Round 2 – Milbemax
Hopefully no need for round 3 – he has no signs of worms but we’re making sure


A minute before he tried to bite me