Oscar’s Secret Life

Two days ago I mentioned that Oscar had visited a couple of houses, sought food there and was friendly and sweet with his caregivers. I know this because he was fed by my neighbour after I told them that he was a stray trying to survive on his own (2x a day). He was fed by another person (more about that in a moment) 2x a day. And I fed him 1x a day. He’s had a good year in 2013 – and ample calories to keep him healthy and strong in the freezing winter. All he needed was warmth and vetting: despite the good food he still got frostbite and maintained a large territory to find a mate.

About 6 days ago, we were contacted by a couple living a street away who have been worried about Oscar for the past 2 weeks thinking that he had come to harm. Strangely, they knew someone my spouse knows on Facebook … so they saw Oscar’s photo on his page, looked up our phone number, and called our home. This was disconcerting for me since I value my privacy. However these people genuinely care about his welfare.

Apparently they have been feeding Oscar (alias Rusty) for 3 years – a year longer than I’ve been feeding him. He visits for dinner for his faves – Iams, Whiskas, and Temptations treats. So THAT’s how Oscar keeps his toned and buff figure! They too have cats and think he goes to homes that have cats. She thinks that Oscar and his brother were dumped on the edge of the park area near us. They adopted a cat that was caught around here, is the same age as Oscar (4 years), and looks almost exactly like Oscar. A brother?

She sits with him outside and pets him. She has given Oscar flea meds and tried to catch him once.

Apparently our little buddy is a bit of a street-bully. He’s taken on a couple of their neighbours’ cats. Since Oscar also beat up my Mouci and got into a scuff with Nuala, I feel for these families. No one should have their cat attacked in their own yard. I’m glad his wild and wanton tom-cat ways are over! I will try to find him a home where he will be an indoor cat.


Our little buddy was not fixed so he was a scruffy fighter. This photo makes me so sad… his ears are not very damaged by frostbite here… and they are now. The edges are ragged where he’s lost tissue – can you imagine the pain?

Oscar’s other human caretaker had asked to see him. This was very uncomfortable for me since I would need to take a stranger to my bedroom. I consented after I ended my clean-room protocol – trying to act in Oscar’s best interest. However, I asked J to escort her while I stayed downstairs because I was uneasy and rattled by the privacy aspect. I planned for the visit by putting Oscar on his feline calming remedy for 24 hours prior to the visit. It was all okay – he didn’t react to the new person in his space. She loves him and he loves her and they had a good visit – I’m relieved. She is one reason why Oscar is friendly, trusting and healthy, so I wanted to make this exception for her.

What a privacy invasion – and she stayed much longer than I’d expected! Still, this was a kindness we offered to a stranger – and we have offered her the opportunity to adopt Oscar.