Oscar notes from last week…


Sometimes changes are slow – and sometimes they come fast and furious.

The last few days with Oscar have been interesting. He has lost an almost imperceptible edge of reserve or tension about being petted.  I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it’s there. Outside he loved being petted double-handed and head-to-tail but that was different – you expect him to be aware of his surroundings and have his guard up a bit. It’s like he’s let out a big mental sigh and said ‘hey this indoor life is okay!’. I don’t yet touch his paws or his belly… though he keeps ‘sort of’ offering them.

He is also up and around the room more when I visit. He has always (almost from day one) come over and eaten the minute I add more food for him. I think this is a learned habit from all our feed times outside and he’s very comfortable with it. He’s now started to chase a few treats around the floor for me. This is not only exercise for him, but also some interactive ‘fun’. It’s his first ‘game’.

Oscar loves cat nip which I rub on his toy ‘mousey-mouse’. He licks mousey mouse to death while holding it down with one paw. I don’t have a photo of it (haven’t taken my camera in for a week) but it’s adorable!

Oscar is eating any dry food I give him. And he’s getting the same mix my girls get. He’s had a few types over the years I’ve been feeding him, but knowing that he is just fine with a number of different dry foods is promising. He is drinking lots of water. He is a perfect user of the litter.

I’ve added a cat-nipped scratching post and some toys to his room. So far those are of no interest.

Oscar hates the sound of the bathroom fan (which I use daily to circulate the air from the room and also to ventilate litter smells). He’s getting calmer with it though. Now he just glares at it willing it to stop. He gets the radio for a couple of hours every day (noise, voices, crazy human music) so he can get used to sounds my own cats take for granted but are frightening for an outdoor cat. I’ve vacuumed outside his room and brought the phone into his room to chat.

Oscar, you’ve come a long way baby!