Ever After

You would never guess what I did yesterday! We went to Toronto and visited our former fosters Jinx and Rogue.

If you remember, we fostered the Rascals and their mom Mattie at the end of 2012. When I got them, I began this blog and it was a wild ride! If you want to read more about them, begin in our archive on October 25, 2012. If you want a quick reminder of the cuteness, take a look at our photo journal.

It’s pretty unusual that I have the addresses of all the Rascals’ parents. This is the only time it’s happened with us – and the reason is that we fostered these little guys ‘outside the system’. There were no rescues who could take them, and two great women from two agencies (Toronto Cat Rescue & Annex Cat Rescue) teamed with me to save them. I fostered. They vetted and used their agency system to promote them. So in the end, I had final approvals of each family and adopted them straight from my home.

You hear of the nightmares of cats given or sold on Craig’s or kijiji. However, these are great resources for rescues, and I personally use them with all our foster kittens. I advertise them to show them off. And that is how we met the wonderful family who adopted Jinx and Rogue.

H had wanted to give her two girls two kittens for Christmas. I remember sending her a long e-mail about why I don’t do Christmas adoptions and also lots of info for someone looking to adopt. She was really genuine about thinking that this was a great idea and the girls were at good ages and ready for responsibility. We e-mailed back and forth and when I spoke to her (and asked that she go through the agency screening) I knew that she would be a great cat owner.

To prepare the girls for their kittens, they came to meet them and see if they truly loved them. Sort-of for Christmas, but with weeks notice and building up supplies, and plans, and excitement for their new friends’ arrival. We saw how they were with the kittens and how they wanted to learn about caring for their kitties.

Thirteen months ago Jinx (Georgia Jinx now) and Rogue (King James now) left our home. They are all grown up. James is a very regal cat with silky fur and the most laid back disposition. He has retained his daring, go-for-broke determination. You’ll remember him as the little guy… with lots of catching up to do. Georgia is a gorgeous, pudgy food-hound. She’s retained her shy and fiercely loyal personality. They are beautiful!

Their home is filled with window perches with cat-cushions, scratching posts, sunny spots to look over their yard. And most of all, they are so loved.

I was so honoured… the girls remembered that I had cupcakes for each week of the kitten’s birthdays, and they had gone to a fab bakery to get celebratory cupcakes for our visit!


Our Rascals – Georgia & King James – are now uptown royalty and very loved. It suits them! Don’t you love happy ever-afters?