Dating Profile

In the end, I do need to find Oscar a forever-home so he needs a ‘dating profile’ for his online dating. He’s come so far – and you can actually see him trying to learn to be friends and to please his humans. He loves to just sit beside me on the floor – for company. He follows my spouse around the room looking to be petted (he loves J!). Not much gets him anxious any more. It’s not perfect, but it’s really good – and it’s heartwarming to watch him blossom into a pet. It’s been over a week without a bite or swipe attempt as we show him that he can trust and that it’s not needed.

I will use the same type of battery of questions I used as a foster mom for the kittens. While the rescues I worked with usually did the screening, the last one left part of the applicant questions to me. Being a little OCD, I learned about this really fast to protect my young charges. And if you followed the adoption time for the Rascals, you know I said no to more than one party when I felt it was in the best interest of the kittens.

I posted Oscar’s picture online… Nuala gave Oscar star billing on her page. I had him as her cover with no interest. I also shared him on our friends’ pages Dedicated to Cats and Kristin’s Kritters. Lots of people admired how beautiful he is … but no serious interest.

I posted Oscar on kijiji with a $150 adoption fee (which will only partially cover his vet bills but keeps his adoption in line with other cat rescues). I am a firm believer that any of these online tools are extremely dangerous for any animal given ‘free to a good home’ as evidence of abuse and death is overwhelming. I’m basically asking that someone be committed enough to pay a part of Oscar’s vetting costs – and that allows me to know that they are committed to him and have enough funds to actually feed him.

I want to be honest and also hopefully draw the right type of person to Oscar. I’ll share the ad with you in case it helps you with your fosters or rescues:

Seeking An Angel

Do you believe in second chances if life has kicked you around?

Handsome Oscar is seeking his angel! He’s recently been rescued from the cold where he spent more than 3 of his 4 years struggling to survive. He’s bashful and confused by the ‘buzzing world’ of the indoor life, but he’s a friendly and loving cat who needs an angel to give him an indoor forever-home and some time and patience he needs to make the indoor adjustment. Oscar is a big softie who always wants to be petted and to sit beside you. He will be a loving lap cat one day – he just needs to gain trust and confidence.

Oscar would be happy to be an only-cat or to have a very slow introduction to another feline pal. He’s perfectly litter trained, happily eats all sorts of wet or dry foods, neutered, got his shots, deworming x 2, got micro-chipped, and he’s also tested FIV/FeLV negative (hurray!).

Happy to answer any questions by e-mail. Oscar is currently in Pickering. Thanks!

Oscar’s adoption fee is $150. His vet records will be given to his new family. Thanks to Jenny of Friends of Forsaken Animals in Durham who is helping us help him!


2 thoughts on “Dating Profile

    • I don’t have him on Petfinder unfortunately since he’s not with a rescue. If I don’t find a home for him, I am going to ask if the rescue we fostered Nuala’s clan for will post him under their banner. They know he’s been fully vetted and fostered by us, so I think they will be confident posting him under their name. Fingers crossed!

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