Hissy Fit

Nuala often stands guard outside Oscar’s door. It’s cute and funny. I decided to see what she would do if she saw Oscar. I picked her up and carried her in. Oscar was sitting by the bed and I was standing with Nuala in my arms about 6 feet away. Nuala looked around and saw Oscar and started hissing. Big scary hisses that are far too big for such a little cat. I carried her back out and she took off down the hall all puffy and discombobulated.

J tried the same thing with her a couple of days later… same results.

I should say that Oscar simply sat where he was during both situations and looked at her. He didn’t say a thing the first time, but meowed at her the second time. He seemed calm and somewhat interested.

Nuala snuck into my room under my feet yesterday. She dashed past Oscar to the far end of the room and sat still – completely puffy and hissy. Oscar just sat still. I evacuated her out and she was more than happy to tear away down the hall.


Principessa Nuala von MeowMeow

She might be small in size, but Nuala has some big cattitude and believes (quite rightly unfortunately) that she is top dog in our house. Alpha cat. Great: we’ve raised a spoiled diva. If she wasn’t so funny, bouncy, sweet and purry, she would be impossible to live with.