The Dance

Over the past 2 weeks a slow change has been happening at our place. Slowly, Nuala is coming to realize who is behind the door. It started with her always scratching on the door to come into our bedroom when either of us was in there with Oscar.

An innocent game started: I’d play with a straw under the bedroom door with Nuala on the other side. This fascinated both cats. Oscar would sit 6 feet away and watch entranced as the straw moved without me touching it. He knew there was another kitty.

Days later, we left the bedroom door open with both of us sitting between the cats and let Nuala see Oscar. She was immediately hissy but fascinated. How can such a little cat have such a big and ugly hiss?

Next it progressed to Oscar sitting by the window (the most defensible and secure place in the room) and Nuala taking some tentative and hissy steps into the room. Day after day they were getting closer. They ate treats in each other’s presence. They sat quietly for a few minutes in each other’s presence.

Oscar is a prince. He really is! He has the sweetest approach to this. He sits perfectly still and every so often makes a little sound with a head bob that seems to be ‘how you doing?’. It’s very sweet, gentle and patient. He never once hisses back at her or shows the slightest sign of fear or aggression.

Slowly they are getting closer. He seems to understand that she was here first… that she had been in the room before him. He seems to be fine with letting her take her time to meet him.

I’m so impressed with Oscar. What a charmer! Okay he has me around his paw – how can you resist a cat who loves you so much??


Oscar’s fave back-corner spot