Into the Fray

I’m writing this with throbbing hands and bloodied palms. Ever been in a catfight with your cat? Ever separated fighting cats? Well, to be very clear I did neither, but I did manage to come out the worst in an unfortunate match.

Nuala has been into our bedroom (aka Oscar’s second room or day room) over the past few days. Each time coming in closer and there has been no real hostility. Nuala has gained the nickname of ‘Hissy von Growly-kins’ around here for her habit of walking up towards Oscar and then hissing at him. Then she sits down and growls in a low tone. Oscar, to his great credit, sits calmly and purposely docile.

The two orangies had just finished a session of the ‘usual’ … progressing to Nuala calmly coming to about 2 feet from Oscar. I gave each one a treat in the other’s presence (positive association) and lots of soothing words.

Nuala left the room and I had my back turned to the door for once. Nuala came back into the room and slipped by me and into the master bath. This door is always closed when she is in the room and is maintained as 100% Oscar zone … and it’s also a dead end. I had just opened the door a moment before anticipating that I’d close off the bedroom to Nuala. I jumped up and dashed after her… I was just a couple of feet behind her. She ran straight into Oscar’s box. I grabbed her and pulled her out… by then she had her claws firmly into his bedding and dragged it all out with her and was hissing up a storm. I had her in my hands and headed for the door with her hissing, squirming and scratching –  Oscar raced into the room hissing and aggressive in response. He was at my feet and Nuala was in my hands. I scolded Oscar to hold him back and headed for my bedroom door with Nuala scratching wildly. I got as far as the bedroom door and had to let her go as she was doing some serious damage to my arms. I threw her into the hall and out of the fray.

She flew down the hall … and Oscar flew after her with me chasing the rear. Oscar stopped about 6 feet from my bedroom door. And I scolded him and he dashed back into the bedroom so I closed the door. Nuala (puffy as a blowfish) raced down the hall and over Shadow. Both tore downstairs.

In all honesty, I think Oscar (who never scratched or clawed at me in this incident) might have been protecting me against an unknown and hissing menace. He’s not used to hearing my voice raised. I’ve since gone in to visit him to pet him and give him soft words. He’s back to his purry self immediately.

Nuala never scratches us… she gets scolded for the slightest scratch or aggression in play. This is the first time I’ve met her claws.

I averted disaster but I’ve got some pretty sore paws.


No matter how naughty she is! Trust me … this is a challenge right now!