Morning Routine

Oscar has a cherished morning routine. Oscar spends his nights closed into his room and I ‘tuck’ him in each night. Each morning, some time after the alarm goes, I grab a coffee and spend some time with him. I had to train him (with some unfortunate damage to my carpet from reaching claws) that ‘just before the alarm goes’ or ‘just after the alarm goes’ is not immediately our time. Our time comes a little later – and Oscar is doing so well in learning this. We do the breakfast routine, the litter clean, and then we go and sit on the bedroom fancy rug (both of us) by the window and just hang out.

I have my coffee and often read while Oscar sits purring and pasted tight to my thigh. He won’t climb up onto my lap but lays stretched to full length in full contact with my leg. He loves having his cheeks, chin and forehead stroked. He watches patiently while I play with his tail. I stroke his beautiful buff fur and it’s so relaxing.

While he often offers me his tummy, I find that I am scared to pet it – I guess that one bite did leave me a bit gun-shy. I have stroked his belly tentatively just one time, and he was fine. There are just two areas I don’t touch with Oscar – belly and feet. I’m sure that most of that is simply lack of trying on my part. I do peer at his paws now and then. His front paws are now beautiful and pink and have lost the dead dry skin. Not so at the back… yet. I’m still not entirely sure that the black bits are not frostbite. However, it is not much if it is and he is not hobbled in any way.

I’ve got one of my books (a long tale called Gone Girl) on audio. This means I can watch birds from the window, pet Oscar and still be reading hands-free. Life is good!

In moments like these I forget my purpose. I forget that my house is divided and that we haven’t been able to use our master bath in 3 months. I forget that I need to find Oscar a forever home. In these morning moments, there is only purry, soft-cream coloured contentment and peace.


Waiting for me to drop the silly camera and come back and join him. That’s the pillow I lean on to read and Oscar will stretch out against me. The only thing missing is a sun-puddle which we’d both enjoy