Itching for Relief

All this scratching is making me itch!

Oscar went to the vet. I think I was more stressed than he was, though he didn’t love the time on the exam table.

The day began with our quiet time and two treats with a drop of calming remedy on top. He was extra-loving by noon. I gave him one more treat with a calming remedy drop on top. I then put his towel (smells like him and home) into the carrier. My spouse covered Oscar with a fleece and gently pushed him into the carrier. It went easier than the time he went to get fixed and when he was going to the failed forever home.

He was very quiet all the way to the vet… just meowed when I spoke to him. He has the cutest half-formed ‘meow’ – more like ‘meor’. No problems getting him into the office or even out of the carrier, since we just took the top off. Luckily we hid him from the dogs that were finishing up their appointments.

The vet was very gentle and I told him exactly what I’d tried. I also mentioned the dry crusty paw pads (which have almost entirely healed) and he seemed interested in that. He said that while the loss of fur was there, there was no breaking of the skin or any lesion where he’s scratched and removed fur. He seemed to think the paws and the scratching were tied to an allergy of some sort.

If the paws are tied to the allergy, then it is from his very first days inside. I wonder if it was something tied to his shots, Revolution, or neuter op since that was done on day 2. Or an allergy to the fleas he had. I know that allergies or infections often show up on cats’ ears, but Oscar didn’t have anything on or in his ears. The good thing is that his paws are 80% better now – almost no crusts. Maybe an early allergy is working itself through his body.

We agreed to the cortisone shot (the pills are safer but you can’t miss them and there would have been 2 pills twice a day). So Oscar got the shot and we’ll watch him. The itch is expected to go away by the end of the week. The problem with cortisone is that if the kitty has a heart problem it could kill him. If there is an infection in the body, it could make it worse. I’m going to watch Oscar carefully.

I have a good feeling that this will be all he needs for a ‘re-set’ and he’ll be fine after. I’m going to keep him on grain-free food for the next coupe of weeks just as part of my re-set ‘cleanse’ for him.

Please send healing thoughts to Oscar.

Here are some resources:


His fave spot

4 thoughts on “Itching for Relief

  1. It just occurred to me that he spends a lot of time in a bathroom, right? Might his sensitivity be related to cleaning chemicals?

    • I had thought of that when his ‘itch’ started. I haven’t used much in there. IF the paws are tied to the allergy he’s having, then it dates to before he was captured or right at that beginning point. I didn’t notice his paw pads on that first day. The room was bleached before he arrived, but after that it’s been minimal chemical use.

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