Kitty Neglect

Poor Oscar! For the third time in a week, I have locked him out of his litter, food and water for about 5 hours! To say I feel awful is an understatement. To his credit, this does not seem to phase him like it upsets me. He just takes it in stride and has not messed the carpet (white) once or indicated that he was put out in any way. What an angel!

You must be asking how on earth this could happen. Why would Oscar not have access to his food, water and litter 24-7? He did. He always has… until I began introducing Oscar to Nuala again. Actually, Nuala has been pushing for this and since my hand healed, I’ve been letting her into my bedroom to let her be her Hissy McGrowly self. In doing this, I must close Oscar’s room door.

Oscar should have one safe-room. A place where no-one can bother him, where his food, water and litter area is undisturbed by any other cat. Where he doesn’t have to share food or feel threatened in any way. So, each time I let Nuala in, I close that door. When Nuala leaves I close the door to my bedroom and let Oscar have access to his ‘suite’ again.

This is great in theory, but in practice, I do get distracted. I sit and ‘have Oscar’s back’ while Nuala comes in and they hang out just feet apart for an hour or so. I try to do it 2x a day, so when life calls, I get distracted.

The great thing is that Oscar is having a little kitty company and still has his safety and privacy. The sad thing is that I’ve left him hanging. I’m trying to be better.


Handsome boy! If you wonder about the iron always in the background… I use it to weigh down the cardboard between our doors. That is a story for another day


PS In case you were wondering… I have not pursued getting Oscar adopted since the forever-home fell through. I wanted to make sure he was okay and then this scratchy thing came up, so it needed to be addressed before Oscar finds his forever home. I’m acutely aware that while I might have a bumpy ride, what I do now will impact Oscar forever, so I’m taking my time and giving him every reason to love living inside

4 thoughts on “Kitty Neglect

  1. Oh that every stray, abandoned kitty could be “neglected” the way Oscar has been! I think you are doing such a wonderful job with him!

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