He’s a Player

I’ve been meaning to tell you that about 3 weeks ago, my pal Oscar began playing. I’m not sure what triggered it, and I still don’t think he will be pouncy and bouncy like Nuala, but it’s PLAY!

Some time back I told you I was really happy that Oscar would swat at the bug toy. Next he was happy to swat at and chew McD’s straws. From there he started to expand his interests. He will now be more active (aka lunge at) in his pursuit of the bug. He chewed up the feathered bobber under his wave scratching post, he will pursue treats (not pounce them, but move for them), and a string drives him crazy. He will go after it.

He still doesn’t know how to retract his claws well, so he gets stuck on things he’s grabbed – the bug, the string. That confuses him. (What confuses me is how to deal with those claws since there is no way I’m gonna get close enough to trim them)

I haven’t pulled out da bird in a while, so tonight is the night.

Interestingly, the outside world with the real birds at the bird feeder every day and the window beside him at kitty eye-height holds no interest for him. I haven’t seen him look out once. I put a stool beside the window for 5 days and even put his blanket on top, and he simply eyed it suspiciously. He didn’t try to get up once. I put him up once (I was daring) and he just jumped off.

I think play learning will be slow. 






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