Lonely Boy

We returned home yesterday after a week away to a house full of lonely, needy kitties. Whoever said that cats are solitary creatures never met mine. Everyone wanted to be petted and hugged.

Almost as soon as I walked into the house, I headed to see Oscar. I found him tucked under his wave scratching-pad. He looked hard at me and blinked at me twice, then virtually ran over to me. He purred so loudly and kept rubbing against me so I could barely move, and so I sat for an hour reading a book with this handsome blond fluff attached to me. He just wanted love.


He desperately wants to be loved and accepted. It’s hard to imagine this lonely boy outside on his own for 3 of his 4 years, but that is his reality. I am certain he doesn’t want that life again. I think those times he went to peoples homes and ‘broke in’, he was trying to find food and a safe home. He is pleading not to be alone – it’s heartbreaking.

While we were gone, Oscar didn’t engage with his cat sitter. In fact, he hid. He went behind the bedside table and pushed out the drawers a little from behind so he could have a place to hide. This makes me so sad. More than my own cats, he was truly alone.

In one way it was good that he had this separation. He needs to understand that when people go away, it’s not forever. It doesn’t mean you are abandoned if someone doesn’t come home for a night. There will always be someone around, there will be good food and water, your litter will be cleaned, and you will be safe. These are big lessons for a kitty like Oscar.