Nov31 008 Uuurrrg! I’m really frustrated!

Today Oscar went to see the vet. It’s been a month since his visit to the vet and the steroid shot. The vet had told us that there should be an improvement in him after about a week. Instead he didn’t’ itch for about 2-3 days and then began itching again.

He itches as many times a day as he did before – but perhaps not quite as ferociously. The area of fur that he’d thinned out is filling in a bit. It’s always the same areas that seem to be a problem. Not that he’s ever broken the skin or created a bald patch.

For this past month, ¾ of the food Oscar is getting has been grain-free, single fish protein food. The only reason he’s been getting some other food as well is that he didn’t want to eat that food only. The ¼ is some Performatrim, Royal Canin & Wellness (the combo my girls currently eat).

The vet looked him over and checked his ears, paw pads, and said he doesn’t know what it could be. He said it could be a type of dermatitis – but to know they’d have to take fur and skin samples. Or it could be a food allergy and he could go on hypo-allergic food for 6 months. Or an environmental allergy. All I heard was ‘we don’t know’ and then cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching. Sorry – I have neither the time nor the unlimited funds to go on an unspecified symptom hunt.

My suggestion (taken from one of my wise readers) was a shot of antibiotic. The vet said that he saw no indication that Oscar has an infection so he didn’t go for it. Okay – that was my only guess.

The vet didn’t seem very concerned about it. Maybe I shouldn’t worry.

My decision, since it falls to my shoulders, is to force Oscar to the single-protein, grain-free food for the full coming month. He won’t like me, but if he drops weight it’s not a big deal. He’s a phat 14.2lbs as of today. I can only hope that if it’s a food allergy, this will give his body a ‘reset’. And then he can try regular foods again.

Not sure what else to do but wait it out.