Orangie Morning

Forget watching the shades of orange in the beautiful sunrise, I have my own shades of orange every morning indoors.

Video: Morning Playtime

Video: A Close Encounter

Tensions are not high between Nuala and Oscar – but Nuala still gives him a hiss each day. She will also bop him on the head if he gets too close. This is hilarious because she’s about 1/2 his size. He will back off, or come to me for comfort if she gives him the evil eye. Nuala is an alpha-cat – it never occurs to her to be otherwise – Oscar is double her size but she’s the dominant one.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! Hope you fit in some wonderful kitty play-time


PS Here’s what the two of them were up to a minute before this… you can see who’s the boss. Oscar and Nuala