Today Oscar visited the window: it’s the first time. He walked up to it and put his paws up on the sill and sniffed the fresh spring air. I’ve had the window open for him a dozen times and yet he’d ignored it until now. Know what he did? He sniffed and then growled softly and walked away.

It’s hard to see or notice some changes in Oscar, since I see him day after day.

I pulled out his vet notes this morning and looked hard at them. Even though he looks like he lost weight to me, it’s the opposite. He was 12.4 lbs when he was first weighed on day 2 of his indoor life and now he’s 14.2 lbs! That’s a lot of weight in 5 months –so I think it’s fair to say that free-feeding is out and measured feeding is in. This is also likely tied to Oscar’s lack of activity – he went from being a very active cat with a wide territory who needed extra food and fat to manage the winter cold to a pampered feline with all day to nap.

I think Oscar has lost all of that big puffy winter coat he had when he came inside. It was double-thick and a little coarse, but so luxurious. He now sports a thinner coat – but it’s more silky and soft.

Oscar’s scratches on his face have healed and there are a few faint marks left where right-hooks had got him. He’s still got his handsome cheeks since he was neutered so late in life. He does have his ear-tips tattered a little from his battles with frostbite, but they are the badges of survival and will never change. Quite a handsome face!

It’s been a few weeks since I saw the fear/ uncertainty flash into his eyes. I still don’t know what triggered it but I know that a swipe or bite-attempt would only follow one of these unsure moments. I think he’s figured out how much of indoor life works.

He’s not doing too badly!


2 thoughts on “Changes

  1. How bizarre! Harvey did exactly the same thing as Oscar today for the first time when I opened up the bedroom window. He’s also peered out of the front door when it was open (screen door in place of course), but I have yet to get a picture of it.

    Harvey has also put on weight. He’s up over 15 lbs and frankly that’s too much. I don’t free feed any of the team, so it’s a surprise. I’m going to have to reduce his portions. Interestingly, the others aren’t overweight. Harvey’s appetite is greater than that of the rest of the team, but I didn’t think I was over feeding him. Curious.

    • That’s too co-incidental! He noticed the breeze in the plant he likes to sit under days ago, but despite coaxing he didn’t have any interest in it… until now. The little hiss makes me laugh.

      I have a theory. Oscar used to have such an active life and struggle to keep a fat layer on in the cold – so I wonder if his metabolism adjusted to an efficient level to keep him alive? -My other kitties are small and slim and they get measured portions but I add more if they ever run out. Mouci used to be an oinker and professional begging glutton, but she’s got hyperthyroid now so eating is no longer an issue.

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