Do you give your kitties treats? Do you have any creative ways of giving treats? What are your ‘treat games’?

Oscar has had a treat-ball for about 2 months now. You put treats inside and when the kitty swats it around a treat can fall out of a hole. It’s a 24-7 interactive toy with the possibility of treats – operant conditioning. I like that this offers Oscar something that he has full control over – something to puzzle out and master. He could learn how to get a treat and this would be a skill. He can engage with it at any time he’s bored… if he’ll learn to use it.

Nuala is a master of this and was brought in to show Oscar how it was done. He was only mildly interested and barely watched her so now I hide the ball when Nuala visits Oscar’s space (she’ll empty the ball in 5 minutes). I now put the ball in front of him and ‘swat at it’ until a treat falls out for him. Today I rolled it until a treat was half out… and he swatted at it! Out came the treat and he ate it. I did it again – and again he swatted it a little to see if he could get the treat, which was already half-out. He doesn’t seem to want to do more than that. Hopefully he got the lesson.

Can’t wait to see him learn this! Fingers crossed!

Oscar has about 3 different type of treats. Temptations, Purina’s Luv moist treats, and Friskies Stuffed Morsels (yes this is a food – but all our cats think they are treats) are what we use. They are junk-food, but my connoisseurs don’t like the healthy treats.