We Have Liftoff

Firstly – Deepest apologies to my subscribers if you received my little diatribe on saving monarch butterflies. I realized my mistake too late. Oops! I meant what I said… but it’s context to cats is just about zero – other than my kitties love to watch butterflies through the windows!

Now about Oscar. One small step for Oscar, one giant step for me!

Guess who has been using his scratching pad? It’s not perfect, and he sits on it more than he scratches it, but it’s happening. The first time was a few days ago, and I’ve seen it a few times since then. It’s exciting to think this is something he’s learning. I have to be honest and say that rubbing catnip on it did nothing other than make him lick the carpet part and stare at me in a mellow bliss. Similarly, me acting like a cat and scratching my nails across the fibres only induced Oscar to come over and rub against me. Left to his own devices, he seems to have worked out an unsteady understanding.


A flattened (old!) wave scratcher – but hey I’ll try anything!

What is scratching pad and what is berber carpet? Oscar doesn’t know. Most people barely know, so how can I blame him? He’s not doing serious harm to the carpet by stretching and scratching on it. I’m not sure how to teach him the difference of what is scratching pad and what is carpet.

He’s a smart kitty – and eager to learn. I love that about him. You can actually SEE him try. And he’s so loving – underfoot actually – as if something inside him says that any day he may be left alone again.