This is a Love Story

I think you might have seen a photo of my beloved Mouci. Today she turned 18 years old! She has been the love of my life for these past 18 years (less about 9 weeks) and has always been goofy, silly, and sweet-natured. Mouci had none of the stereotypical calico cattitude; she has been gentle, calm and easy-going all her life. This was a good thing, because we got Mouci for diva-tastic calico Nikita. She certainly had to put up with a lot from Nikita who rejected the kitten full out – but she gave in to Mouci’s sweet nature eventually and slipped into a life-long bond.

Mouci (pronounced roughly Mootsie) got her name from J’s mom who used the slang term ‘kitty’ in Slovenian to call all cats. I’m sure someone who knows the language and her particular regional dialect will correct me, but the full name is ‘Moucica’ or phonetically ‘Mootsie-tza’.

My lovely Mouci. Silly. Naïve. Adventurous. We tease her about being a discount kitten… she was at a reduced price at the pet store. She originally came from a barn somewhere in the Ottawa Valley. I think I had a rural route address once, and we used to send cards on her birthday to her ‘mom’ letting them know she was fine and very happy.

She was an incredible mouser… though we were forever trying to save them. She has a double layer of fur – which means she loved going outside in winter. I’d be outside early in the morning in my PJ’s at our last home shovelling the deck for her… so the sun would have time to warm and dry the wood so she could have warm dry places to sit. With age, she has some arthritis so she doesn’t go out any more – well maybe a few minutes now and then in the summer.

Since the illness from the calicivirus, she has lost her hearing. We have gotten used to greeting her with touch. It must be a strange and silent world for her now. The illness took a lot out of her – though it’s a testament to her spirit that she made it through. She had a little arthritis which has developed so she can’t jump up on things – might be weakness too. She’s now on hyperthyroid pills. I also give her a naturopathic kidney cleanse 2x a year for a full month… trying to keep her kidney levels close to the normal range. This is not bad for a girl who developed bladder crystals at the age of 3 – she had a few bouts of that. She had me convinced that she wouldn’t live this long.

Long live Mouci! I have no idea how much longer I’ll have her, but I love every day I do because there will never be another her. She’s one of a kind.


Mouci 008Mouci 012Mouci 021