One for the Road

Blogging about blogging? Since I took a good look at it last week, I thought I’d continue looking at the blog itself and ask for your opinions. A long time ago I told you that I definitely am technology-challenged. Yet, you and I meet here on a blog! WordPress makes it pretty easy for me – but I still struggle sometimes.

The Look: I changed over to a new template a couple of months back. I love it myself… but I don’t see it on your device. Do you like it? I was having ongoing problems with the functions on the last template – I couldn’t get things working for you (like the sidebar if you were not on the main page). What do you like about how this looks? What do you dislike about the layout? What ‘feature’ would you like to see that I don’t currently have? (I think that last one is the most important question)

I’ve recently reintroduced a ‘follow by e-mail’ button on the blog. I thought the other ‘follow’ button would do but I’ve been told that you need a WP account for that.

I’ve finally figured out how to put the “This Much I Know” pages under one heading on the main banner at the top of each page. You can scroll over it now and see what it contains. I will do the same for the ‘Quick Views’ pages – each page is like a little book with foster photo journals, videos, and other linked content. I’d like to re-name these to something more fitting than ‘quick-views’. What do you think?

Photos: Okay – I’ve got the free blog version. That means I have limited choices of templates, fonts, cool customized features (not that I’m sure I’d be able to work them anyway!), and most challengingly, I have limited image storage on this blog. I’m not running out yet…but I keep uploads to a minimum and I re-use what I’ve uploaded. I will try to work out creative ways to show you photos – like linking to them.

Content: I’ve let you into this messy mind and let you know what my plans were for my blog moving forward. I realized that I had not updated my ‘About’ page since I began the blog so I changed a few words. I still hope to tell you all about fostering in an open, direct, honest, and thoughtful way. I’m pretty passionate about that. But I won’t likely have foster kittens for some time since I decided not to risk my elder cat’s health further. That changes things: I originally thought we’d foster a kindle of kittens every 12-18 months. I still love cats, so I’ll write about fosters and other adventures.

Networking: I think the concept of social media and blogging is that I ‘should’ network. I’ll be honest and say that I don’t. I love reading a post here and there from great insightful writers, but I don’t have a ‘blog roll’ of those I follow. I’m impressed by friends who have the time to do all that. I also don’t ‘monetize’ this blog by having advertising (though WordPress does some automatically to pay for my ‘free use’), ask for monies to support my fostering efforts, or try for a huge audience to gain fame and fortune. It’s not my style – I’m not even sure how that works! I love that you follow along with this ‘indie’ concept.

Okay – so there it is. In a nutshell, it’s all the guts and glory of my blogging life.


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