Christmas Came Early

I don’t do one single thing about Christmas until after Remembrance Day. It’s like a family rule and respect for those who served… so the days between Halloween and Remembrance Day are often cleaning and chores for me.

Today however, the kitties got their Christmas.

It wasn’t planned that way – a local pet store had their ‘friends and family discount day’… 15% off. It works out to just saving the tax, but hey, we’ll take it. We needed stuff! Our 3 wave scratching posts were shredded – the sisal part. The cardboard scratcher was okay… but only in the middle strip where cats can’t scratch it properly. Cooper spent last night chewing my silk flower buds in the vase (urrggg – I’m sure he’s eaten a piece or two) – always wants something to chew. (Did I tell you how much he loved the dog chew I got him?) We have toys. We still need to replace the damaged stuff.

So off we went…

There is no use waiting for Christmas morning to give these ‘gifts’ to them. They are some of the basics we keep for them. Just out of the car, a wash to get it clean (some toys)… and then they can have them.

Cooper is in heaven. Nuala is too … until Cooper comes to whatever toy she’s got. (Shadow is hiding out upstairs). They have a new wave stretching/scratching post- with a little catnip rubbed on the scratchy part. New ‘kong’ chew toy for Cooper (he’s seriously a puppy) but this one is for cats – can’t wait to see if this works. New ‘mouse on a stick’ toy – since Cooper has chewed the tail off the mouse of the last one and has pretty much chewed through the sturdy rope. (Yes – do laugh – I laugh but in a sad way since he’s such a wrecking ball).

Unfortunately the store didn’t have ‘da bird’ or the ‘bug’ toys that are our must-haves. We still need one of each… Cooper needs to keep expending that kinetic energy!

Do your kitties get Christmas gifts? What are they getting?


Do you see one face… or two?