His First Real KissMouse

We are just 2 weeks away from Cooper’s 1-year anniversary of arriving in our home. I can’t believe it – but I also can’t say that time flies.

Above – the first 15 minutes he was in our home

Nuala has been sick or off-kilter in one way or another pretty much since his second week in our home. It’s not that they aren’t friends – they are wrestling buddies (so unfair that he’s about 2 weight classes higher than her), food buddies, and Nuala even cleans him. They are excellent company for each other – but it’s more other behaviour or health things with her.

Shadow has been exactly as we hoped with ‘da boy’: skittish but not truly worried or terrorized by his presence. She has known him from his young days, wasn’t threatened by his introduction as she would have with a mature kitty, and watched him grow. He sill wants her to play, but he gets hissed at many times a day when she tells him ‘lay off’. Of course he turned out to be much more rambunctious than we hoped for Shadow’s disposition.

Ah Cooper. Well, our little wrecking-ball (more about that in a later post) has gone from that little fuzzy kitten we brought home on December 22, 2015, to a cat who looks like he ate that kitten! Cooper is likely 15lbs of silky-furred muscle now. So much for the personality description of ‘quiet and calm’. He was only quiet because his vocal cords are broken and don’t work. He was only calm because he was cooped up (hence the name Cooper!) in cages and sick his entire young life. When he was allowed out and given tons of love, his little muscles developed, his balance developed, and he discovered he loved running. He dashes the length of the house at least 1-2x an hour. Quiet and docile, my butt!

The tree went up this past week… it was so easy to decide how to decorate it. Plastic Only! It’s still an 8-ft natural tree – with all the challenges that entails for a cat-home. We have a very steady base, don’t fill the water to the top (tree water becomes toxic), have less ‘temptation’ on the lower branches. Still I give J & I credit for being relatively fearless in putting up Christmas ‘like normal’. He has been nearly a saint with the tree so far (as close to a saint as he could get). So… the tree is up and holding.

All is merry and bright… pretty much. And it’s Coopers first real Christmas with us since he was in a separate room when he first arrived. It seems like it was so long ago… but he really is part of our family now. A big, kooky, sweet, wrecking-ball part.

Merry KissMouse, Coop!


A year later; my fave basket-case



2 thoughts on “His First Real KissMouse

  1. Pretty fair news for Cooper so far, good luck with the merriness to come (lol) bah humbug!
    Hope you all have an awesome Holiday Season
    Love from Benny, Snoopy, Sammy and all at our house xx

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