Naughty & Nice

It’s been a whole year that you’ve been our favourite little grey blur, Cooper.

This year Santa knows him much better and knows if he’s been naughty or nice. Mostly naughty. No wait – nice. Um… more naughty. But don’t worry – despite his dodgy record he’s still getting a few treats.

Cooper learned that he can jump to the end of the kitchen counter (no!), then leap to the top of the cabinets (NO!!), walk along the top of the cabinets and then drop down onto the 2in ledge of the part of the fridge that sticks out from under the cabinetry (no!!). Why would he even dream of doing this? – you might ask. Because that’s where da bird and the bug toys are kept away from him. He’s obviously seen us put them there after play and devised a way to get to them.

Da bird was found chewed to bits under the table after one of the nights when we didn’t know how he was getting them. We searched for the bug toy for a couple of days before we found it… with all the little paper bits gone.

Despite regular training, I know he’s been up on the dining room table. The secret is that the special little placeholders don’t really jump off the table on their own.

The sticky-side up tape doesn’t work with him as it has with other cats… he has his own technique of playing with it (while we’re asleep – he won’t dare going to the ‘tape places’ when we’re awake) so that it’s a toy for him. A tape ball is a fave treat.

‘Tape places’ that have been violated at least once include the fireplace mantle, the kitchen counter, the kitchen bar ledge, the fridge top, the dining table and the ledge going to the basement.

The plants (including my loved orchids) get dug into regularly. Sometimes the  big floor plant gets knocked over. He gets the water gun for that – and that’s when NO becomes his middle name. He also loves to swat at and destroy the leaves of these poor plants – endless frustration for me.


Cooper doesn’t nap much during the day. He’s go-go-go. And unlike other cats who play until they pant and then crash after, when he’s playing and you stop, he’s riled up and will charge around the house looking for other active play.

Today Cooper played so hard with the bird toy, that he ripped the feathers right out of the holder. I’m not sure how… I think he put his full 15lbs behind the bite as I was dragging it along (he’s more a mouser than a birder… not a good jumper but a great chaser!).

He’s been better of late since he’s watching Bird TV for a good 8 hours a day – I have 3 winter bird feeders almost at the window and the birds are literally 5 feet from his nose at the best of times. He finds it fascinating (as does Nuala).

Bird TV has been a welcome reprieve to both Nuala and Shadow who are tired of him sneaking up and giving them a gentle swat before jumping on them to get them to play with him. He loves his sisters… not a mean bone in his body… but that body is 15 pounds of muscle and tackle when their slight frames least expect it.

Miraculously, he has been virtually an angel with the tree. He and Nuala will wrestle under it sometimes (presents are not kept under the tree… that’s cat space), and he has knocked a ball or two off with his ‘tail in the air like he just don’t care’ style as he prances by. But overall, an angel. He is a very gentle and loving cat -a big baby who loves being cuddled- so we just have to forgive all the naughty moments.

And yes, luckily Santa bought a new ‘da bird’ toy for Christmas. Just in time.






One thought on “Naughty & Nice

  1. Just love this story, so many dings went off in my memory cache 🙂 My young Sammy (he is just a couple of months older than Cooper) is a daytime rogue though, mostly because he wants to go outside to visit the one eyed barn cat Mary. He is trying so hard to make friends with her and they have had their scuffles, but he just idolizes her. She has become the whole reason for his hour long forays into the outdoors. Ah life would have been so much less stressful if my husband had not insisted that he be allowed outdoors… I could have trained all three to stay indoors at that time.
    Just love to hear about Cooper and all of your entourage in and out of doors. Thank you for sharing and may the joy you share throughout the year come back to you with buckets of cheer!
    Love from Benny, Snoopy, Sammy, and the two mere mortals who live with them, Robin and Paul.

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