Off the ‘Nice List’


Cooper has been chewing behind my back … and he chewed right through the wires of my fave Christmas lights. There are 5 strands on one string and (you guessed it!) he chewed through the main wire that gets plugged in. Luckily for him I had it on a timer and while it was plugged in, it was not on. J says he will try to splice together the wires – but I won’t hold my breath. I don’t know where I can get these lights any more… but they are (were) just magical!

BAD, NAUGHTY CAT!! Stop sucking up and acting all cute and loving!


Pulled this photo off pinterest – these are our exact light set and how I use them.  Used – past tense.


3 thoughts on “Off the ‘Nice List’

    • SO sad about my lights… I guess I should run around the house putting some bitter apple or other bad tasting stuff on all the wires and cords. I can’t believe he prefers this to a his chew toy… maybe time to get him another dog-chew pepperette. He loved that

  1. Yeah, Cooper real clever chewing through Christmas lights. Something that one of our rabbits did years ago I remember because my dad who’s an engineer spent 2 and a half hours splicing them to work he eventually got it done but needless to say the bunnies were banned from the house after that happened and yes the lights were off at the time.

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