What’s He Up To?

“Cooper, NO!”

Yep -after a long absence from keeping you up to date on our furries, that is still the refrain ringing through the house. Cooper is 1.5 years old. He’s still very much the wide eyed kitten – with naughtiness galore. He’s loving, sweet-natured and far too naughty. I keep waiting for him to ‘calm down’.

Despite his very loving nature, he will purposely bother the living daylights out of Nuala and Shadow trying to get them to play with him. (I mentioned how much better it is to adopt 2 kittens together, right?) He wants to wrestle and chase – he’s all boy. So much for getting a gentle docile kitten – he’s big and very playful. He wasn’t calm and passive – he was just cooped up for his young life before us and just waiting for an opportunity to run free. And run he does. He loves running!

We love Cooper – and J would grudgingly admit that he loves having another boy in the house. Team Blue. Sometimes found lounging together on the ‘boy couch’. I love all he adds to the house – despite the challenges.

Cooper has many things he loves in life… he loves sleeping. He’s either getting in trouble or in a deep blissful slumber. When he sleeps, he’s pliable like play-do. He loves burds. All sorts – but especially woodpeckers who come to my suet. He’s so lucky – there are about 5 bird-feeders and there is almost always a flurry of activity to keep him interested.

This year, I put a couple of feeders right on the wall of the house and he loses his furry little mind when the birds are so close to his nose through the window. He will bonk his head nearly every day in an over-zealous rush at one.

Challenge 1: Poor Us. Cooper will STILL go up on the bar/counter when he thinks we’re not noticing. Not often… but even once is too much. This is our fault – we have not been as vigilant with him as with our other kitties. He also loves to be upside down on the ground and drag himself along the couch. Arrrrrg. He’s also very resistant to training. NO is his middle name.

Challenge 2: Poor Shadow. He loves her. He wants to sit beside her (or on her). He wants to see what she’s doing. What she’s eating. She has always wanted to be away from cats and people for a lot of the day – and he’s too much for her. She’s licked the fur off one part of her leg (stress cleaning) – but we’re very happy that that is the extent of anxiety behaviour in our little stress-bunny. We make sure she feels as ‘safe’ as possible – and she knows that Coop has no mean bones in his body – just a bunch of naughty ones.

Challenge 3: Poor Nuala. Cooper (researched and bought as a ‘sweet docile rescue kitten’) is really here because of her. She needed him for company and love – and wasn’t getting any younger. She loves him – and cleans him – but he still wants to play fight and chase and tackle her. She gets the brunt of his inexhaustible energy and wants to hide. We had long months of behavior incidents with her – when she was peeing outside the box. She was perfect before so we knew it was either stress or illness. Knock on wood, I think we’ve addressed this now. Well, he does keep her interested in fun, engaged, and svelte!

I hope he calms down by 2yrs old! We love him and he adds so many laughs and antics to our days. But with all the work blending these personalities, we don’t dare bring in a batch of kittens to look after. I’d love to foster and help some kittens – but between the potential for disease and starting up the whole stress-behaviour problems again, I don’t dare.

Cooper is a kook!