Witching Hour

I slept on the couch.

Don’t read drama into this – I wasn’t in the proverbial dog-house and neither was there any domestic dispute. I just like sleeping on the couch sometimes – and trust me the pillows and blankets are already there. You could say I prize comfort and my living room is for ‘living’.

So last night, after a good police show I slept happily. Shadow usually joins me when I’m sleeping the couch. She loves the quiet time with either of us – and cherishes any time she can join us for a sleep.

All was literally dreamy…

Until the Witching Hour. In our home the witching hour is at dawn. Just after the first bits of light are up in the sky. Something deep and evil hits the ‘ON’ switch in Cooper and he runs around and acts like a demon for about 1.5 hours.

He goes nuclear. He harasses the other cats. He runs back and forth across the house like his tail was on fire. He breaks the house rules – like jumping up on the bar counter, walking across my fancy-schmancy plastic-topped washer and dryer (paw print proof, my friends!), ripping into couches, knocking things over, cat food goes flying and everyone in the house is disturbed.

This is an every-morning nightmare. I hate the witching hour – when Cooper becomes a cat possessed!

I was so groggy this morning, that I tried to sleep though it and failed. That is saying a lot (those who know me know that I love me some sleep!). I was only semi-conscious when I got up, took about 2 steps, and flung my blanket in the general direction of the fabric-ripping commotion. I saw a cat fly in the dim light and things quieted down.

It did start back up a little later, but I groggily ignored it. Only when I woke fully this morning did I realize that when I flung the blanket I may have thrown it on Nuala who loves to sit nearby and watch me sleep. Or Shadow who found a quiet comfy place on the couch beside mine.

Oh no! The Witching Hour strikes again. Only this morning I guess I was the witch.

IMG_6827 (2)

Crashing after the Witching Hour

Yeah Yeah. I know. Cats as a species are most active in the dawn and dusk times so Cooper is genetically wired to be most active, efficient, predatory at this time. Knowing the science is poor consolation.



One thought on “Witching Hour

  1. Ouch! I SYMPATHIZE. My older girl runs around at 3 am every day. Poor Nuala probably wondered what got into the human.

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