Embracing The Krazy

You think I’m going to tell you more about Cooper’s hijinx – but surprise! – I’m not.

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‘why youz wavin likes a fool? I waz jus gettin sweepy’

This past weekend I went to the big One of A Kind Show and Sale. I love this show because it’s filled with immensely creative people who make the most beautiful things. Artisans – in wood, paint, glass… and catnip. What?!?

I visited a homey booth that feels like an old friend – a small Peterborough company called Krazy Kitty. In fact, the friend I was at the show with was adamant that this was a booth she had to visit.

Krazy Kitty came into our lives about 17 years ago – when I bought two cat pads for our fab calicos Nikita and Mouci (rip babies). They were an instant hit. They loved them and used them for years. It was one of the best Christmas presents ever for them – and I’ve had the pads on our ‘fave cat gifts list‘ ever since.

Their cat blankets (I call them pads) are rectangular simple fabric on both sides – though more recently one side is fleece for extra cushy-ness. I often chuckle at the bright and lively fabrics because they are cat-themes, whimsical and funny. Inside is a light layer of batting and a helping of their proprietary catnip. Enough for months of enjoyment. This well-constructed cat pad lives up to gentle-cycle washing and the dryer. After washing, you use the small hole in one side to refill the catnip since the wash/dry gets rid of the potent scents.

Their organic catnip is the best I’ve ever used. Even better than my own which I grow and dry myself. Cats go crazy for it – hence the company name.

Ironically, our new vet gives one of their little catnip squares for each check-up visit. When she offered me one, I turned it down initially saying I grow my own. She said it was excellent catnip and organic – so I took one – and only when I got home did I see the little label and grin.

I have 4 cat-pads; now old, thinner and faded with use but still usable. New cats are often happily trained to sit in the spot where these pads are placed. My very old pads are great for lining cat-beds, carriers, or for window-seat places. Happy de-stressed cats.

I bought Cooper his first, new cat pad (that makes 5). My friend came away with their refillable snuggle sticks. I treated each of us to a package of their wonderful catnip. Frankly if I had the money, I’d send you each a kitty pad for your fab feline.

Don’t you love it when a product is really good and the thing lasts?


My friend barely got in the door before Oscar (19) was demanding his new snuggle stick. I love this fishy design

**No paid endorsements here. Though frankly if they gave me free stuff for a write up, I’d totally do it and you would too! LOL

**No cats were coerced in the making of this blog post – the purring, chewing, drooling love is real


Like Cooper needs any more krazy!