Things Go Bump In The Night

I’m a good sleeper. I slept though this whole thing…

From the time Nuala was a kitten, she has periodically (several times a week) dragged the same white shoelace around the house and dropped it somewhere near us. Early on we realized that this was a gifting behaviour where she’d go and ‘find and kill the snake’ and bring it to us as a gift.

When Nuala arrives with ‘the snake’ she makes a big meowy production of it. She chats and carries on until you recognize her skill, generosity and love. “Wow, you are a good girl. Smart kitty. Thank you, Wala!” And then she gets petted by one or both of us … and often picked up for a hug.  Nuala is a shoulder-cat who also loves hugs where she nestles into your neck or ear and nuzzles you. Yes it’s cute. It’s not always convenient when she chooses to do this.


In the middle of the night last night, Nuala woke J with non-stop meowing and scratching our carpet. It went on and on. Finally he turned on the light… she had found and brought the ‘snake’ and also a small mouse. Yes, a real one.

It was too late already to save the mouse, or J would have tried. We have a 0-kill policy with our kitties. And a sweet little deer mouse from the forest that abuts our garden has every right to live… in the cool fall they do try to get into the warm house. How this one got in … and why he didn’t flee when he smelled cats is a mystery. This happened a year and a half ago… one got in. But we were able to save that one.

So bleary-eyed, J got up and petted and commended Nuala for her heroic and ‘wonderful’ actions and her loving large-hearted generosity in bringing us her kill. To share food is the ultimate compliment from a cat.

Bleary-eyed, he took the departed mouse to the garden fence where hopefully a night creature will have a meal and the food-chain will be natural and whole again.

I guess I’m just lucky she didn’t bring it into our bed to present it to us … like she does with her toy mice.

4 thoughts on “Things Go Bump In The Night

    • You were honoured in the highest way they knew!

      I will never forget this… I read on one of the cat-pages how a kitty brought her mom a mouse. When, like me, the mom didn’t wake, she put it in her mom’s mouth. This has stayed with me for years – though in 9 years of living here I only know of two mice that have gotten into the house proper. Time to replace those ‘sonic devices’ I have in the entry places – I never use poisons on our property because we love the cats, mice, owls etc we see!

  1. Poor wee mouse. My precious Smudge, who I lost to Leukemia some years ago, used to bring me real snakes all wound up in a ball and alive. I can see him to this day coming down the path, tail held high and this balled up small snake in his mouth. I used to take them to the river nearby and let them go. When I say small they were about 3 feet long.
    Lucky you sleep so well, I wake at the smallest thing when it comes to my cats but I do not have a back up husband in my room, he is upstairs and away from the night time disturbances involving kitties sky larking around! These are usually caused by stray passing cats at the window or in the yard, skunks bugging around on the lawn or the odd break and enter into the pot cupboard lol.
    Love your stories.

    • Thank you Robin! I loved your story about Smudge – and your poignant reminder that it’s through these small habits and ‘daily adventures’ that cats bring so much to our lives. Sometimes I think it’s silly to write about such ‘usual’ stuff… but then I slow down and realize how special these moments are. We are so lucky to have wonderful pets – and we are honoured to be their whole lives.

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