She’s Wired


Do you have a cat who chews wires? I do. Her name is Nuala and she’s incorrigible.

J was so happy that she’s been hanging out in his office area of the house. Sitting on one of the kitty beds there. As always she looks like a little angel with that little pink nose and a soft glowing halo of fur around her lit by the sun. She is heart-meltingly cute.

But little did he know… the little wire cutter was at it again. He found the cable for his work phone lose. And when he pulled it, there was only a piece. Then he found another. And then another piece. About 4 pieces in all… chewed to bits.

And then he discovered that his main phone cable was also chewed. Not quite as badly, but almost! It was all in one piece, BUT it was no longer charging.

She knows that there has been stress in our home for the last week. She is very sensitive and reacts to it. But that can’t be an excuse.

One of the best things to do with kitties who are wire-cutters (aka cord chewers) is to get them something to chew… and then get that anti-nail biting stuff and paint it up and down the cords they like to go to.

I’m wondering….. do you have a kitty that chews? And what solution have you used?