Reasonable Rates

A long while ago I did a post about inexpensive vet clinics and the need for more. This is still something that is really needed – and in many areas not just the region of Durham where I live.

The vet I’d been going to was very nice and approachable but she was not cheap. I had changed vets because I felt the last one wasn’t listening to me when Nuala was pee-ing outside her box. We’d done as suggested, changed food, changed litter location … all with no change. I wanted to run her on one course of antibiotics and get her treated for worms in case she’d got something. Because the old vet refused, I switched.

The new vet listened.  I really appreciated that. But the bills were high. As was the service.

I’ve just learned that she has retired and a new vet has taken over. Does that phase you? I’m willing to try out the new guy – he seems very nice, but I’m not able to understand his wife. They both have deep accents.

What I like is this … they are approachable. And they offer more services for a better cost. And some of the services are not geared to me – but I think they are focused on treating the wider community of pet ownership:

  • Free spay/neuter consultation and dental exam and consultation (Great for meeting with owners who think that spay/neuter is not mandatory and are uneducated about how much better it makes the pet’s lives as well as the home behavior. Not to mention how it can help stem the overpopulation and misery)
  • 10% discount for senior citizens (speaks for itself!)
  • 10% discount for multiple pet households (hallelujah!!)
  • Special pricing offered to rescue groups (omg – I always try to find vets like this – it really matters because rescue groups operate on such a slim budget and their biggest costs are the vets! I want to support vets that support rescues!)
  • A free nail trim, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression offered with any vaccination or examination appointment (just really good service!)

And they offer house call services. I would have loved to have said goodbye to our darling Nikita in our own home. When we’d exhausted our credit cards and still were not able to save her, having that goodbye at home would have been the best. As a cat lover, you never want to think of these things, but there it is.

Do you look carefully at the offerings of your vet?

I’m excited to take the 3 mouse-katch-eers for their shots. I’m happy to be going to a place with these good services. (And for those of you in Pickering Ontario, it’s the Rosebank Animal Hospital) I’m hoping that their prices and services offer a reasonable-rate option to convince more people to vet their pets. If not cheap – then cheaper will do!