New Cat

Wait! Hold on! We didn’t get another kitty. I’m talking about Shadow aka Shady.

It’s been about 6 weeks since Shadow ‘went west’. It was truly as stressful for me as it was for her. And if truth be told, I had fears that she might perish in the prolonged stress and terrible sounds of air travel. I wouldn’t voluntarily move her.

But from her first day there, she’s shown more fortitude, more gumption and simply more resilience than I suspected she had in her. Our scardy cat was out of the bag. Immediately she managed to adjust to the AirBnB accommodations that J had secured for the 3 days before we took possession of the new home. And within the first 24 hours she had eaten, drunk, and used the litter for both ‘jobs’. She was also seemingly happy and relaxed to have petting and love.

Then … move 2. To the new place. Big empty space. J had bought a few cat tents and hidy-spots but she preferred her carrier. He set her up in our master bedroom and bath … with him. That way she had a small area to learn and feel safe.

Again she adjusted well.

And then slowly, he started leaving the door open to the rest of the house. And as he began to sit (one chair) and eat near the kitchen, she began to join him. Then she conducted exploration on her own. We knew we’d do it this way – slow introduction to a larger space… but she was just fine and happy with all this.


West Coast Shady now hangs out on the window sills?

So our shrinking violet has gone further. There’s a deck off the kitchen… one she can’t jump down from, so J left the door open. She began sitting at the door and looking out with interest. We never thought she’d be interested… in 9 years of living with us, she’s barely shown interest in the windows (strange for a cat) and the one time we took her outside with us (on a harness in our backyard) she cried piteously and scrambled for the door begging to go in. Once in a while she’d sniff the outside air. Well little miss fraidy has now begun wandering out onto the deck with J!

What? Who is that cat? A changling?


Nope. Just our Shady shedding her old ways and either coming into her own with a new house to live in or the ‘freedom’ of being the only cat. This is something we long suspected she would like better – a human dedicated to her and no kitty company. Either way, this New Cat proves that you can teach an old cat new tricks.

(I just hope that when I get out there permanently, I’ll adjust as well!)

One thought on “New Cat

  1. Absolutely glorious news. It is amazing how resilient they can be especially those who need one on one and feel they are supposed to be the only cat. I pray that all goes well when you are all re-united. Blessings to you all and I admire greatly your patience and strength in this whole endeavor.

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