WELCOME to The Kitten Kaboodle. I’m so glad you are here!

I know ‘kaboodle’ is spelled wrong… but someone had snagged ‘my’ name. The Kitten Caboodle – a cat-lover’s play on the term ‘kit and caboodle’ –  is the name of the photo journal I created for my “Spice Rack” kindle of foster kittens. It was about 200 photos long and chronicled Paprika, Chili, Cayenne, Ginger, Saffron and Nutmeg from the day of their birth until they left our home for their new lives. Along the way there were many laughs and tears. The response to the journal inspired me  to write about the foster kitten experience and share it with other cat lovers. I thought it was a way of ‘coming along for the journey’ with us… and maybe what I learned could also help others.

You are invited to join us for this adventure. I have no idea what’s coming… but I do know from experience that there will be lots of unforgettable moments. Please consider subscribing because there will daily posts while we have foster cats, and then long periods of quiet before we take on another. You can choose to get updates instantly, daily, or weekly – and it’s the only way to know when a new kitty comes to us.

In the times between ‘furry house guests’ I won’t be posting nearly as much. This might be a good thing if you get daily posts during the times we have kittens on board! You may be so happy when I finally stop ‘talking’. I might write a few posts a month because I’m always learning. My cats are always entertaining, teaching, challenging and giving me insights. I hope I can share some of this with you.

My name is Natasha and my family consists of my husband and I, Shadow the black cat (about 13), Nuala the charming ginger (6), and Cooper (now 2). Until March 2015, we had the irrepressible and loving Mouci who gave in to diabetes at the age of 18.75. We miss her every day.

No kids. No dogs. Just the perfect spot for a gorgeous group of tiny furry friends taking over one corner of my house, a chunk of my time, and a piece of my heart.

PS Nuala also lets me be admin on her facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/NualaPalooza

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  1. Concatulations! We are pleased to announce that you have been nominated for the Super Sweet Blogging Award. Please pick it up at Kitty Tales (behind the scenes),www.kittytales1.com, Monday, 11/26, after 12:00 AM pacific time. Thank you!
    KT Management

  2. Your article on calicivirus has given me much hope as I’m going through this now. It’s been an awful ordeal for our family. Our cat has just start antibiotics and drops for his eye 1 day ago and we had to take him today for fluids and a antibiotic shot. He sleeps all the time and finding it very difficult to walk. Our heart is breaking and praying that he’ll recover from this .

    • It’s a terrible thing to go through with a beloved pet – I’m sorry you have to go through it. Don’t give up – and make sure food is going in and out – so that he keeps up his strength and no other problems occur. I hope it gives you hope to know that our elderly girl of 17 made it through and recovered well. It took many weeks and with major weight loss, but patience and love does wonders. Best wishes

      • What is most upsetting also is that we bought the cat from a reputable registered breeder. When I notified them they just said it’s only a cold and nothing to worry about and none of the other cats were sick. They said they would replace the kitten but on the advice of our vet we said no as there was a good chance all of them would be sick. We didn’t want the cat to go back to get more sicker and decided to keep it knowing all of this. We will care for the cat and nurse it back to health.

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