The Rascals ~ Quick Views

We fostered the Rascals from October 25th 2012 to January 2013 – and their daily story is here in the archive of this blog. Just pick a date from the calendar at right… and begin reading.

Want to see the Rascal’s Facebook photo journal?

Here’s the quick-reference guide if you ever want to see videos of the Rascals. Here’s their playlist. Enjoy!!

Kitten Play Fight

Minx Won’t Share Ball:

Rascals Meet Tent:

Maverick Attacks Mattie’s Tail:

Jinx & Minx Play Paw-Tag:

Rascals’ Tub Time:

Windowsill Games:

Ever wonder about the after-story? What happens after happily-ever-after? Well, we are really fortunate with the Rascals to have done a good part of the adoption process ourselves – and so we’ve kept in touch with the 4 wonderful families who adopted the Rascals.

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